CitiFX Benchmark
CitiFX Benchmark

CitiFXSM Benchmark provides time-based execution of foreign exchange spot, forward, and swap transactions at transparent, independently sourced market rates that are periodically audited.

Benchmark is a powerful tool for today’s international corporate treasury, hedge funds, equity and fixed income managers.

Key Benefits to clients

19 Citi fixings throughout the trading day providing independent mid market rates in 92 currencies - Spot trading available in 43 of these with Forwards available in G10 currencies out to 2 years. Timed to coincide with other standard market fixings like WMR, BFIX and Nakane which are also offered, along with a number of Central Bank & Local Market fixings for onshore clients.

Price transparency Rates published to Reuters, CitiFX Pulse & Controls & independence ISAE 3402 Audit Report undertaken annually.
Separate Annual Review of published rates by external auditor.
Process enhancement Efficiency gains via STP, upload/download for bulk processing multiple transactions.
STP/FIX Connectivity so there is no manual input.
Order management Improve tracking & control - nets complementary uncorrelated flows minimising slippage.

IOSCO - Statement of Compliance with Principles.

CitiFX Benchmark Notice & Disclaimer


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